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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Q: What is your most popular wedding package and why?

A: The most popular wedding package is the Stroh (pr. stroe). This package includes 8 hours with myself, 4 hours with a second shooter and an engagement session. It covers all the bases! I always recommend this package to my clients if you are having a moderate to large wedding. Having the second shooter is great for additional coverage of the ceremony as well as having cameras in two places at once for the getting ready portion of the day. The engagement session is a must in my opinion as it helps you get a feeling for how I shoot and direct, and it gives me an idea of how you feel in front of the camera. Think of it as practice for the big day. 

2. Q: What would you describe your style as?

A: I would describe my photography style as easy going, candid and natural. My editing style is rich and creamy in colour and emotion. 

3. Q: What types of photography do you do?

A: Anything and everything. I have favorites of course, weddings, newborn and family sessions (in that order). But honestly I really love it all. This company started out as a passion project and I had no idea it would lead me to where I am today. I am always willing to learn and grow as a photographer and I am pretty much up for anything. 

4. Q: What are your cancellation/rescheduling policies?

A: Upon booking any session I take a 50% deposit up front to schedule you in for the day. These deposits are non refundable but we can work together to re-book a session in the future at any time. 

5. Q: My most asked question, why "Fiddle + Drum"?

A: The answer is, it was my social media handle for years before I started my company. When I was in high school I drove past a billboard for the Alberta Ballet presenting The Fiddle and the Drum, a ballet to the music of Albertan musician, Joni Mitchell. I loved how it sounded and I have always loved Joni's music. So when it came time to name my company, it just felt right to transition that over. I like that it is different and beautiful and if you haven't already guessed, my wedding packages are all different drum and fiddle names. 

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