Baby Nevaeh's Newborn Shoot

Nevaeh is the most perfect baby - I mean it. She had such a sweet countenance and made it VERY hard for me to leave once the shoot was over. I shot Brittany and Jared's wedding in June when this little lady was still snuggled away in her mama's belly, and now here she is, perfect as ever. J and B didn't find out the sex this time around, as it was going to be their last pregnancy so they wanted to experience that surprise. And what a surprise it was. With her big brother Leon, Nevaeh makes this family complete.

This shoot was really special; the basket used in the majority of the photos has been passed down through five generations. So many babies has slept snuggled up in that wicker basket, and now, though starting to fall apart weathered with age, we were able to capture it just one last time. Fingers crossed they can get the basket restored and use it for years to come.

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