Isaac Tavish Deveau

Keara and I have been friends for nearly eleven years - We have been through that horrible emo phase together, experiencing first boyfriends and first loves together. For Keara it all ended pretty quickly though since she has been with Bryan for nine of those eleven years, finding her true love early on. I got to stand beside her last summer as they said their vows to one another on a beautiful summer day, a baby of my own swelling in my tummy at the time and now, a year later I got to witness as those two friends of mine became parents to their sweet little boy.

It's an incredible thing watching your friends become parents, because although they are the same person, so are so quintessentially different. Their lives forever changed. Their hearts forever ten times the size it was before. Not to mention the love that I hold for each of my friends small babes. Seeing their features miniature sized, watching as the expressions that I have known for so long play across a newborn's face . . . it's incredible. So I was honored to take these photos and try and capture this sweet little boy. Welcome to the world Isaac.

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