Jalal + Loubaba's Wedding

This wedding was absolutely incredible and beautiful in so many different ways. This is probably one of my favorite shoots to date. I am so thankful to live in this beautiful country full of people from all over the world. Different cultures, religions, customs. I am so thankful to have been trusted with this wedding, without knowing anything about an Arab wedding going in to it.

I want to give a huge shout out to the wonderful girls who dressed me in a hijab when I complimented theirs, and who translated pieces of the speeches for me so I could hear the beautiful words of the lessons. It was very eye opening, with everything going on in the world, to have spent an entire day/evening with this beautiful Muslim community. Customs and beliefs are different, but the route of it all is love. Pure love. Treating one another with respect and worship.

It saddened me that more than once I was brought into conversation with these people about how entirely different and opposed they were to the travesties brought into the world by ISIS. We are supposed to be fearful, they want to fuel our judgement and our hatred, and never have I bought into that. These people who laugh, and cherish, and cry, and love just the same as we all do - there is so much good and beauty in the world. The whole day was made even more magical by our first real snow fall in the city. I love my job so much.


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