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"Abandon the cultural myth that all female friendships must be bitchy, toxic or competitive. This myth is like heels and purses - pretty but designed to SLOW women down." - Bad Feminist, August 2014 - Roxane Gay

Last night at #feastandforage2016 a group of women, mostly complete strangers, sat down in a room to make wreaths, drink champagne and eat sweets. Through the night we shared wire, complimented each other's beautiful wreath making talents, held conversations varying from Paw Patrol to fake boobs and at the end of the night, we left friends.

An event like this centers on the community, this village that is being built. Not my usual crowd, which usually consists of mom's; this was a group from all walks of life. The one thing we all had in common, we were all women. And it was beautiful and empowering and a little bit nerve wracking at times. But as the night progressed I got to watch from behind my lens as these women loosened up, found likeness in one another, bonded and shared themselves.

The wreath was a prize at the end, but the much larger prize was that that feeling of competition and fear and anxiety that all women, for some reason, hold each other in, had dissolved. We are not meant to be solitary creatures, to live only for ourselves and for perhaps our mate. We do not work like this. I am lucky enough to have an incredible group of girlfriends, but others aren't so lucky. And it can be very isolating.

From the beginning of time, women have come together to bring one another up, to give help when needed, to lend an ear or share a laugh or a warm embrace, and somewhere along the line our species lost that. But in every woman that walks by you on the street, in the mall, no matter who they are or where they come from, I can almost tell you with absolute certainty that they long for that connection deep down, primaly.

Now it it up to us to bring that back. To #community , #village , to #women .

Hope to see you at the next event, stay tuned for more details after the holiday season.

The face behind it all - @Wildfirtree

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