Christmas Eve Photoshoot

Robyn is my sister's best friend and in truth has always been my favorite. She is the sweetest human and as it would turn out, so is her family. The morning of the shoot the roads were worse than I have ever driven on. Calgary recently got a huge dump of snow just in time for Christmas and the snow didn't stop falling for almost 48 hours dropping 20 cm onto the previously dry ground. Apparently my tires are in rough shape because I had no traction whatsoever and drove the whole (regularily 25 minute) drive to Airdrie at a crawl of 40km/hr. By the time I dropped my kids off to their grandparents I was already running late and pulled up to the house half an hour late.

I strive very hard to never be late in life, let alone in my professional life, but these roads were so so bad, I couldn't have driven faster if I tried. Robyn's family opened the door and welcomed me into their home, the Christmas tree lit and surrounded by presents. They told me to sit down and relax and offered me a mimosa, haha. We decided brave the snow and head over to the golf course, so I went to my van to change into my heavy duty winter boots that I had packed for sledding later that day. Unbeknownst to me my trunk automatically locks as soon as it is closed and frazzled me had left my keys inside of it. So, on the worst day of the year we called AMA (Robyn's mom's membership) and they told us it would be about a four hour wait, because of all of the accidents.

I was mortified. I felt so bad and unprofessional. Not only was I late but now I had locked my keys in my van. Robyn told me she would drive me home after the shoot and everyone made me feel like it was no big deal at all! Like I said, the sweetest family ever.

We trucked through knee high snow at the golf course and got to the perfect location. I am a big fan of outdoor, natural lighting and was so excited that this family was game for anything. I don't know if I have ever laughed so hard or as much at a shoot before. Robyn's siblings had flown in from all over, her sister from Ontario, her niece from Vancouver, her brother from New York City. It was the sweetest thing to capture them all together and get to know each one of them individually. Brock and I ended up having mutual friends from our childhood, because it is such a small world we live in.

I am so thankful for all of the clients I have had over this year and a half since I started Fiddle + Drum and I can't express my gratitude enough. I wouldn't be where I am today without people entrusting me with the task of taking their photos.

Photography is much more than taking a pretty picture to me. It is capturing their personalities, catching the moments in life that seem regular, but when remembered bring such a warmth to your spirit. This morning, the time that I spent with Robyn's family, I will always remember it.

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