Brook + Adam's Wedding

Brook and Adam are seriously the sweetest couple. I have posted their engagement photos in the past. He is a city boy from England and she is the most down home country girl from Alberta. They met when Adam was over here in the army and I heard many stories of him sneaking out of camp, taking the army bus and driving to her acreage outside of Cochrane to go see her.

Their wedding was held at her parents acreage on the most picturesque day. What better way to begin the rest of your life than to get married on New Years Eve surrounded by those closest to you. Adam borrowed Brook's brothers cowboy boots which left him in his rain boots - the whole thing was perfect and light hearted.

Brook, like the true cowgirl she is, rode up to the alter on her horse guided by her father. Who also happened to be carrying a shotgun that Brook and Adam proceeded to shoot in celebration of their union. I loved every minute of it.

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