Ananya + Subin's Wedding

As you can probably see just two post ago I showcased Ananya and Subin's engagement shoot - and since their wedding was just two weeks after their engagement shoot, well, here it is!

It was a pretty incredible day - Ananya is Hindi and Subin is Catholic so they combined the day and had both ceremonies and a reception with their dearest loved ones. The catholic ceremony was actually at a church in the neighborhood I grew up in so it was pretty neat being able to shoot in there with it's gorgeous stain glass window and second balcony. The Hindi ceremony was something I have never before experienced and I LOVED it. It was so beautiful and though so much of it was beyond me, I could tell how much these people care about the earth and mother nature and the tie that bonds us all.

So without further ado, Ananya and Subin's wedding.

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