Shreya's Newborn Shoot

Newborn shoots are some of my favorite because I basically get to spend my morning (my favorite time to shoot newborn sessions) hanging out in a super cozy, tranquil environment capturing the way a baby sleeps or how her eyes look when she opens them, or her tiny hands opening and closing searching for her mom.

This shoot was no exception, but with the addition of a spunky three year old in the mix. The big sister. Everytime her little sister would start crying this worried look would cross her face and she'd run to find her pink mouse to let her sister cuddle.

As always, the baby fever is strong. I love seeing this families grow and welcome in a new tiny human, brand new, but somehow, as if they've always been there.

I also really appreciated 'mom' asking me to take photos of her while she was breast feeding. It's totally personal and up to the client and I won't shoot unless I am asked to in those intimate moments. But this mama fed her openly with pride and my heart soared because isn't that what this is all about? We are women, hear us roar.

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