Coral + Alex's Wedding

Coral was one of the bridesmaids at Jessica + Rj's wedding from last season, so when I got the message from Jess asking if I was available with only a weeks notice, I was surprised but still super excited to be part of Coral's big day. But then it was explained to me why I was asked only a week in advance . . . Coral's dad Shane, one of Rj's best friends, was in the last stages of cancer and wanted to see his daughter walk down the aisle.

And not only was he able to watch, but he was able to stand up from his wheel chair and take photos with the beautiful bride. Shane was so loved by everyone there which was apparent from the moment I walked in to the venue.

But there was something else in store for that special day - Coral and Alex were expecting and they announced the gender after the ceremony. Along with the newly weds, Coral's two little boys and their close family and friends they shot blue streamers into the air. And not for one moment did this wedding feel like a sad occasion, but a time of celebration.

With only a week to plan their wedding they found a venue that suited them both perfectly, and Coral was able to borrow a gorgeous dress from a friend who had wedding dresses to spare.

Unfortunately a week later I got the news that Shane had passed away, but I can't help but feel he had fought so hard to hold on, but after he saw his daughter to happy and have such a perfect day, he was ready to let go.

I hope these photos will always be a reminder to this family on how much they are loved and bring them comfort to look back on.

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