Today I was in front of the camera and it was nerve wracking to say the least. To all my clients, you are awesome for seeming to relaxed when I take your photo and tell you how to stand. Lucky for me the lady behind the camera is one of my good friends Jacquelene Karagianis Hesford. She has recently started exploring her own career in photography and I couldn't be more excited for her. There is a lot of competition in the photography business and it sprouts from our own insecurities but getting together, sharing our knowledge and our passion, there is nothing that makes me feel more confident. I honestly woke up this morning, saw the fog and messaged her right away to see if she was available to shoot today and I am SO excited to see her shots. And here are mine for the day, majority of them taken while she was taking photos of me. Photoception. Thanks again girlfriend!

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