Adventure in the Badlands

I put a line out on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to come with me to Drumheller to shoot amongst the hoodoos. And of course the Simundson's answered my plea. This family is incredible . . . they are the sweetest couple with two of the sweetest babes. Hunter, who's energy and attitude is almost identical to my own three year old, and Ariel, the red haired beauty with the cutest smile around.

When I started doing this as more than a hobby, this was exactly where I saw myself.; growing alongside my clients. Capturing their special moments, creating that special bond where their kids aren't scared of me and relax in front of the camera. It honestly makes a world of a difference. This was our fifth shoot together in the last year and a half and I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out.

It started raining as my sister (who I dragged along for the mini road trip) drove out of the city toward Drumheller. The cloud were pretty ominous, but the sun was trying desperately to peek through. I had taken a few practice shots of my sister before the Simundson's got there and the lighting was pretty meh, though the landscape was breath taking. And then, all of a sudden, the clouds parted just enough to let that golden setting sun through so that I was able to capture this family exactly as they were meant to be captured.

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