Kayla + Coltyn Engagement Session

This engagement session had actually been rescheduled, and I am so thankful that it had. We had initially planned on meeting the Sunday morning at 10:00 prior. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and the park was packed. Kayla calls me in a panic telling me she forgot her ring at home that she had taken off to wash her hands, and wondered if we could reschedule.

We decided to do it one week later, but this time at 8:30 pm, the moment just before sunset, when the sun casts a warm glow, you will often hear it referred to as "golden hour". There is something so much more romantic about a warm summer evening, sneaking off to a park to snag some photos of this adorable couple.

These two have two babes at home and they got a sitter for the night, so I wanted to make sure we had as much fun as possible. Which wasn't hard because these two spent almost the entire shoot laughing. (Okay, it was mostly Kayla who couldn't stop giggling).

And perhaps it comes from a place of nervousness having their photo taken, but when a couple laughs, it renders the most beautiful photos and makes my job incredibly easy. So bring me your awkwardness, and I will work with it! I love those natural smiles and easy poses.

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