Breighanne + Dominic Engagement/Family Session

I met Breighanne and Dominic at the beginning of the summer to book for their 2018 wedding. At this meeting we found out that we both have kids, both an older girl and younger boy, and both pretty similar in age. These two just exude friendliness and love for one another and I can honestly not wait until their wedding this summer. We decided to hold off to do photos until fall and I am so happy we did. Their sweet babes were the cutest (and Aubree the most outgoing) kids and made my job pretty dang easy.

This morning was the perfect, crisp fall morning and the light was shining beautifully through the trees. Not long after these photos the rest of the leaves turned from their vibrant yellow to brown and began to fall to the ground, a warning of our impending winter. Sigh... fall is a DREAM for photographers. That being said winter has it's stunning beauty too, especially with Christmas coming...

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