Brooke + Adam's surprise announcement

This shoot was so emotional. Brooke and Adam got married last year on New Years Eve, you might remember. It was the perfect winter wonderland day for their intimate ceremony held on her parents land.

So of course I was thrilled when Brooke messaged me when she first found out she was pregnant. I mean it when I talk about relationships developed between client and photographer. I was one of the very first people to know as she wanted to plan a shoot to surprise Adam.

He was under the impression we were just doing a mini shoot of the two of them to kick off their date night. Little did he know Brooke had something up her sleeve. We started off with something "I wanted to try out". I got them both to take turns writing what they loved about one another. Of course Adam didn't disappoint and without hesitation, as the joker he is, wrote about his love for Brooke's bum.

Little did he know when it was her turn to write something down, it would change their lives forever.

He was blown away. We couldn't have asked for a better surprise. At first he thought she was joking. Asking multiple times "are you serious?" And finally when it settled in that he was going to be a dad, the tears came.

I adore these two and absolutely can not wait to meet their little one.

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