Britt + Ben's (freezing cold) Mountain Engagement Session

Brittany and I met through a mutual friend and ended up traveling to Mexico for a bachelorette party just over a year ago. We hit it off immediately and I vividly remember sitting on the edge of the pool talking about someday doing her wedding photos. Even though she wasn't engaged, she knew then, and has known for a long time, that Ben was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

And when I met him, I clearly understood. The guy is a beauty. They are both so incredibly kind and outgoing and share a love for the mountains, adventure, and skiing their lives away. I couldn't be more excited for their 2019 wedding coming up. They are incredibly photogenic and hilarious and it makes my job so effortless.

These are some of my favorite photos I have taken so far and I can't wait to share them all with you. And by "all", I actually mean majority of their session because I have a very hard time narrowing it down to my very favorites. And although it was actually freezing cold and they were both in tiny shoes in knee deep snow, they managed to make it look like they are two of the coziest love birds. That's real love.

Did I mention they brought their pup Tuna along with them? Yes, his name is Tuna. And yes, I was dying from cuteness the entire time! Along with Tuna came Emily - a friend of Brittany's who is just starting out doing photography. Her work is incredible and I can't wait to watch her develop as a photographer. Thanks for tromping down paths through the snow and carrying ALL the bags Emily!

Check out her Instagram @amineradventure

Okay, without further ado...

Location: Lake Minnewanka, Banff Alberta

Engagement Ring: Heidi Gibson Designs

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