Caitlyn + Scott's Engagement Session

Caitlyn + Scott are everything that country songs are made of - and not the heartbreak kind either. "Bought a little piece of land, built a house, now let's build a family and a life" kind of a song. Their land is absolutely breathtaking and so peaceful - for a moment between walking to our different locations we were all silent and so was the world around us; this is not a common occurrence for me being a city girl born and raised and I loved it.

They own four horses between the two of them and two beautiful dogs. The horses were supposed to be part of our shoot but when we went looking for them they were MIA. Until we spotted them across the field at their neighbors . . . the fence had fallen down from the heavy snow and the horses took the opportunity to explore.

Not only did I get stuck on their drive way which thankfully Scott was able to pull me out of, thank God he's a country boy am I right? Fully equipped with a truck and a tow cable all done in his photo shoot clothing. What was a stressful situation now makes for a really good story and seriously a strong judgement of his character. But on the way home I misjudged my little Mazda and very nearly ran out of gas. I pulled up my google maps on my phone and searched for the nearest gas station that I cautiously drove to on empty and made it there with 2 km to spare in my tank. Phewf.

I was so happy with the temperature, the sunlight and the overall experience of this shoot. I love getting out of the city and seriously can not wait for their wedding this summer, which I promised I would not get stuck at . . .

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