Tasha + Chad's Wedding

Tasha + Chad were my first wedding of the 2018 season and it was honestly the very best way to start the season off. These two are absolutely perfect for each other. There were so many moments throughout the day that caught my breath. Their prayer together before the ceremony without seeing one another, holding hands around the wall. Immediately after the ceremony going to a room and closing the door and embracing one another alone - taking in this massive life choice they just made together. Cuddling to keep warm throughout their photo session. The side glaces and laughs and absolute adoration in both of their eyes whenever they would look at one another . . . it was so good you guys.

I started off the morning at Tasha + Chad's place with the girls while they got their hair and makeup done and put on their dresses. Tasha was surrounded by her best girl friends and her mama. Tasha opened her gift from Chad and tried not to cry while she read his note written to her. Before getting their dresses on, everyone surrounded Tasha and placed their hands upon her as they prayed together for the day that was ahead of them.

Meanwhile my second shooter, the amazing Caitlin Unrau of CRU Portraits, was with the boys while they got ready at their hotel and went out for a manly brunch before everything got under way.

We all rendezvoused at the church where the ceremony was held, and though they were separated until that magical moment Tasha walked down the aisle, they met briefly to say a prayer together before the ceremony. They didn't see one another but they held hands as they prayed separated by a wall. "Can I just stay here with you?" Chad had said after the prayer, joking, but I think also semi serious, literally not being able to wait to spend the rest of his life with the girl of his dreams.

Tasha's dad also got a chance to see his little girl before the ceremony started. I often have a hard time not crying when they do the first look with dads. I am thrown into my future, seeing my own husband at my daughters wedding someday. I feel every little thing, every memory, every emotion he immediately feels the moment he sees her there in her dress. Pretty sure the entire room was a mess when Tasha's dad saw her. "Do I look okay daddy?" she asked, standing back for him to admire her.

"You look beautiful," he replied, with tears in his eyes.

The ceremony was beautiful - there were so many guests who came to witness their love. Friends and family from all over. One of my favorite photos from the day is the photo of Tasha's hand alongside her mother and her grandmother. All with their wedding rings.

The shoot was a little bit tricky, because even though the wedding was in early April, Calgary's weather is extremely unpredictable and it was cooooooold on their wedding day. I remember that a friend and client of mine works for a new Distillery (Burwood Distillery) that opened up right near where the ceremony was. And even though there wasn't a ton of space in there to shoot with the entire bridal party, it was a perfect option to go after the shoot to get some more individuals of Tasha and Chad.

For the group shoot we ventured downtown to Stephen Ave under the cover of the Hudson's Bay arches. We would run inside between sets to warm up and run back out and get the photos we needed. The bridesmaids and Tasha all did amazing at making it seem like they weren't even cold when it was absolutely freezing outside.

By the time we got to the reception the snow was coming down hard, which honestly made their venue feel like this warm snow globe. It was stunning. When I stepped outside at the end of the night it was silent outside - that silents that envelopes a city when the snow is fresh, like a blanket laid over top of everything. I took a moment and reflected on the day and just how thankful I am for my job, to be able to experience such intimate moments. To witness such love take place before my eyes. Or my lens, rather.

Congratulations again Tasha + Chad! All the best to you sweet love birds.


Photography - Fiddle + Drum Photography

Second Photography - CRU Portraits

Hair - Danielle Knight - YEG Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Makeup - Melody from Avenue Beauty

Videography - Steve Casey

Dress - Durand Bridal

Suits - Moore's

Floral - Shae-lynn Knight

Cake - Suzy Fehr

Catering - Alpine Catering

Ceremony Musicians - Keilin Morrison and Josh

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