Christian + Amanda's Mountain Session

Amanda + Christian were visiting all the way from Pittsburgh and wanted to have some photos done to commemorate their time here. They were seriously two of the sweetest people and we had the best two hours wandering around Emerald Lake. (Which, by the way, is easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.) The lake was a stunning shade of teal and it was the perfect day for shooting. I had no idea when we had initially booked the session over email how far away it was, but it was !00% worth the two hours drive. We spent the entire time telling people it was their wedding/honeymoon which we thought was hilarious.

This session is absolutely one for the books for me. Not only because I am so happy to have met them and with how the photos turned out, but it was pretty cool to be contacted internationally by someone wanting to use a local photographer. Thanks again you guys for the amazing opportunity!

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