June Boudoir Marathon

I held my first boudoir marathon at the beginning of June. Which, in retrospect was slightly crazy since it was at the beginning of wedding season - but I am so incredibly thankful I did it nonetheless. Boudoir is about so much more than taking sexy photos and giving them to someone else. Although it is both of those things (usually). But since starting boudoir in January it has truly opened my eyes to the beauty of women, the confidence and differences we all have individually. How seeing a picture of yourself, just yourself, no clothes to hide behind, and realizing just how beautiful you are . . . it's priceless.

My job is to make you feel beautiful. To make you feel that confidence. To make you see yourself the way the rest of us do. Each and every girl that I have photographed is so beautiful, whether it's in her smile, the way her hair falls down her back, the way she holds herself, the way her nose wrinkles when she laughs. Her body type, her physical condition, it all kind of just fades into the background and what really comes out is how each and every one of them is stunning for all of the little things that make her her.

Anyway, here is a collection of some of my favorite shots from the marathon. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who participated.

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