Gillian + Brennan's Wedding

This wedding was honestly one of the classiest events I have ever shot. After doing their first look at their home in the morning we headed downtown to where their ceremony and reception were both being held, Q Haute Cuisine. (The food was unreal. Unreal. I honestly can't say enough good things about this venue. I don't often take pictures of my food, but dang, this one deserved it.) Nestled in right between the peace bridge and Prince's Island Park, we could not have been better situated for a gorgeous back drop for photos.

Doing the first look ahead of time is a great way to get the jitters out before the ceremony. We also did their bridal party photo shoot before the ceremony so by the time everything got started, there was no downtime in between and they were able to visit with all of their guests. Which I later found out had to have been 90% their family judging by the amount of people who came out for family photos in front of the restaurant.

It was the perfect day, perfect temperature, perfect light. Gill is a teacher and Brennan is an engineer and their bridal parties were also made up this way; teachers on her side, engineers on his. Don't worry, we cracked many jokes about the hilarity of it all throughout the day.

Some of my favorite photos from their wedding were taking during their golden hour photos. If I am there late enough I try to pull my couples aside for fifteen minutes and sneak off to get some more photos of just the two of them, in perfect light, once they have absorbed being married. It's magical. 10/10 recommend.

A couple of other favorite memories from the day was Gillian's maid of honor's speech. It was honestly one of the best speeches I have ever heard at a wedding, and I have been to a lot of weddings. You guys, her speech elicited a standing applause from the guests and included two stuffed Llama's. Enough said.

Gill's dad was another one of my favorite parts from the day. He tagged along with us on the shoot and held everyone's stuff and proudly snapped some photos on his own camera. He had the biggest smile and sweetest personality. It was impossible not to love the guy. Just take a look at their father daughter dance photos to see what I mean. Oh, and in his "parents of the bride" speech, he quote Princess Bride. A-Plus.

Congratulations again Gillian + Brennan! Can't wait to capture the next big milestones in your life. *wink wink*

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