Chantale + Keith's Fall Engagement

These two, as you can see, are two adorable, happy, intelligent, beautiful, wonderful, head over heels in love, humans. I love when you just click with a couple and this couple I SO click with. Their engagement session in Ramsay was full of me trying new things with them and they were down for everything. Whether it was them dancing to absolutely no music in front of some random person's cute house, laying on the ground in a pile of leaves, or asking Keith to walk down the middle of the road with Chantale on his back... they did it no questions asked. And I loved every minute of.

The highlight of the entire shoot however, was when I was laying flat on the ground trying to get "the shot", (as photographer's will do), and a lady walking her dog asked if we were okay. Haha!

Anyway, here it is. One of my favorite sessions with two of my favorite people. Can't wait for their wedding this summer.

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