Tracey + Jacob Surprise Proposal

Tracey booked a couple session with me about a month ago and just two days after booking I received a message from her boyfriend asking if I wanted to help him surprise Tracey with a proposal. I could have died I was so excited. (Forgive my basic white girl writing here, but you guys, I have been wanting to do a surprise proposal basically since I started shooting and this was my first one!) Clearly I said yes.

We met at the McDougall Memorial United Church, about 20 minutes outside of Cochrane. This is one of my favorite sites to shoot at and a year and half ago the beautiful church that was once there was burnt to the ground by arson. The spot is still gorgeous though and it made the perfect setting for our session.

Jacob and Tracey brought their adorable "forever puppy" Lexi along with them and with the help of her squeaky ball I was able to hold her attention while mom and dad could pose for the camera.

About half way through the session I got Tracey to stand in front of Jacob and face the water. Little did she know Jake was getting down on one knee behind her, so when she turned around she was completely caught off guard. Her reaction was hilarious. "Are you serious?" she asked him with a quizzical look on her face. "Is this a joke?" she asked to double check, and when he assured her that this was very much real, a smile fell across her face and them embraced one another as J slipped the ring on her finger. The ring itself was stunning, but the box it came in was even more beautiful as Jacob had made it himself.

Almost immediately after the proposal the sky opened up and the rain started pouring down on us. Perfect timing. We took a couple of romantic photos in the rain and took shelter between shots under one of the out post buildings.

This is one of the many reasons I love my job so much. For moments like this. Having been a part of it - having been able to capture it in time for them to always remember in such vivid detail. Congratulations again T + J!

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