Rachael + Richard's Wedding

I met Rachael + Richard at Starbucks and when I walked in they had already got me my drink. The same drink that I talk about in the 'about me' section on my website and I was blown away by the thoughtfulness. And as I got to know them it was less and less surprising. They are both so kind and thoughtful and their wedding reflected this in every way.

Richard got ready in the morning at his parents house along with his three brothers and best friend whom may as well have been a brother, they had known each other for such a long time. Rachael was getting ready at the house that her and Richard share with her closest girlfriends, sister and mom.

Rachael's wedding dress had pockets, and right there I knew mine and her priorities were the same. Dresses with pockets you guys... there isn't much better than that.

They did a first look before the ceremony began (and the rain threatened AND DID fall here and there). As Rachael tapped Rich on the shoulder, he slowly turned around only to be holding a Smirnoff Ice in his hands. You heard me right. He iced her on their wedding day, during their first look. It was hilarious. If you don't know what getting "iced" means, it is when someone surprises you with a Smirnoff ice and catches you off guard. You then must proceed to drink the entire thing without stopping. Needless to say Rachael was able to effortlessly belt out "Ironic" by Alannis Morisette with her bridesmaids as we waited for the rain to stop before the ceremony started.

"It's like rain on your wedding day!"

The ceremony was held at Baker Park and the photos to follow. Luckily the rain stopped just before the ceremony was supposed to begin, and we were able to avoid getting wet for the rest of the day as we did the rest of the photos before the reception started at the Scandinavian Center.

The reception hall was decorated beautifully. They had a charcuterie board and a stunning cake and of course a candy table. The speeches were all on point, especially the one given by Richard's three brothers who wrote him a very hilarious poem that they took turns reading aloud. Including how he and Rachael had met on Tinder.

I had so much fun at this wedding and love working with couples like these two. Congratulations R+R!

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