Robin + King

This shoot was so special in so many ways. King is Robin's horse. He is 29 and she has had him since 2005. Their bond is clear when you see them together. Even just hearing the way she talks to him or the way they look at one another. The love overflows. Even if he was acting like a typical man for the first half of the shoot (hangry), we bribed him with Oat + Molasses cookies and he did everything we asked of him.

King was so incredibly sweet and SO soft. Robin insists he was only so soft because she had to wash him not once, but twice. She washed him that morning, left to go back to Calgary only to come back in the afternoon to see he had been rolling in the mud, so she washed him again.

Her parent's property is where we did the session and that area has to be one of my favorites that I have been to outside of Calgary. Turner Valley area is stunning in so many ways. Driving out there I realized it was the dream to own some property out there. Maybe someday right?

I love doing shoots that push me - that aren't necessarily outside of my comfort zone, but that I don't normally get the opportunity to do. This was totally one of those. I even got to cuddle with Robin's parents 150 pound dog Sam for the whole shoot. Needless to say I left feeling extremely happy.

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