Baby Ezra

I met this sweet family a few years ago when I took their family photos when their second boy, Sebastian, was just a baby. And again when Trisha was expecting her third. When I saw this year that Trisha was expecting her fourth, I got so excited for them. Maybe this time it would be a girl to go along with the three other boys. It was not. Four boys. Rather than being disappointed, this family was so incredibly excited, and rightly so. These boys are not only sweet, beautiful children, they are now a band of brothers. They are going to be a force to be reckoned with the older they get and their mama is SO lucky to have their sweet little hearts surrounding her.

Oscar took the boys down to play half way through the session so that we could have a little bit of quiet time with just Ezra, but you could hear them downstairs clearly. Most importantly, how fun Oscar is with the boys. Trisha smiled and shrugged and said that he was exactly what these boys needed. He wrestles them each before bed to tire out their never ending energy.

There is something so special about being a parent to all boys or all girls. Seeing that bond grow, watching how each one of them is so uniquely different. Honestly, they are all going to be very popular with the girls in the future some day - The Raposo Boys.

Ezra hardly made a peep all session. He was, however, wide awake. Which can be challenging, but not with him. He just lay there completely peaceful, staring right up into the camera. He is used to noise, through all of the time he spent in his mama's tummy to his time earth side. Welcome, sweet baby boy. You are SO lucky to have landed in this family.

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