Kayla + Aaron's wedding in Rochon Sands, AB

Kayla + Aaron are both school teachers which is cute enough in itself but their wedding in Rochon Sands was like it was out of a dream. That town itself is like a hidden little paradise in Northern Alberta. A beach town nestled right in the middle of farm lands and no where.

Aaron got ready in a motor home parked at the campsite (#69, I'm sure by no accident on his groomsmen's part). Kayla got ready at one of Aaron's family's cottages. We hung her dress on a tree in the backyard, the delicate lace set against the green leaves, summer in full bloom. Her best friends, sister and mom (and Sam, her beloved dog) helped her get ready.

The ceremony was held behind the hall where we would later return for their reception. They said their vows standing in front of the arch that Aaron had helped build. Kayla's many cousins walked down the aisle in front of her, all holding various signs for Aaron to read. The best, by far, held by the youngest - a sign of the meme saying "You Done Messed Up, A-aron). He laughed as he saw this while holding back tears as his future wife walked toward him down the aisle.

We did the bridal party photos and some of their individual shots in Rochon Sands Provincial Park and then drove to Aaron's parents place to grab a few shots out on the water in the canoe. We basically spent the entire time laughing, but it was so worth the work and nervousness about falling in. We then went back to Aaron's grandfathers cottage where Kayla had spent that morning and took a few photos. They sat on the bench built in remembrance of Aaron's grandparents and of course snapped a few photos with Kayla's true love, Sam (her dog).

We headed back to the reception and spent the rest of the night at the hall. There was a mini basketball net set up for people to do free throws to try and get the couple to kiss and the night ended in a skit put on by all of Kayla's family giving funny anecdotes and gifts for the couple. I drove home as the sun began to set entirely blissed out on this beautiful day and going through these photos as I edited them felt like I was reliving it all again.

(One of Kayla's bridesmaid was VERY pregnant and could not partake in the shotgun)

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