Sarah + Janine's Wedding at the Coutts Centre

Sarah + Janine - hands down one of my favorite couples/weddings from this season. I know, I say that a lot. But I have a lot of REALLY good clients you guys...

But these girls... just wow. Their wedding was so amazing for so many reasons. The first being that they are so perfectly and wonderfully made for one another. The second being that they were surrounded by their friends and family who had nothing but love and support for the both of them. And the third being that even though this was a same sex wedding (which have thus far proven to be some of my favorite weddings to be a part of), everyone treated it as just another wedding, because that is exactly what it is. In a world full of hate and judgement, is it also so full of love and acceptance and being here, witnessing it all from behind my lens but truly breath taking.

Their wedding was held at my FAVORITE venue, the Coutts Centre for Western Heritage just outside of Nanton. The property is littered with spots to take stunning photos, decorative garden, color coated - yes, seriously. They have a few historical buildings as that classic big white reception tent near the outdoor dance floor.

S + J got ready in different buildings and met at the bridge for some first look photos. They both looked incredible and as soon as they saw each other they basically turned to mush. They read letters/vows they had written to one another, quietly taking a moment to absorb their day that was about to lay out in front of them.

Sarah's sister and Janine's twin brother walked their two BIG dogs down the aisle, followed by J and her father and S with her mom and dad on either arm to give her away. They stood in front of all of their closest friends and family and committed themselves to one another. Everyone in the audience was either crying tears of complete joy or smiling ear to ear, including myself.

We shot their individual photos around the property. And to my surprise, and complete glee, Sarah's dad pulled his old, pure white Chevrolet truck around for us to use for some of the photos. Sarah's dress was out of this world and Janine's outfit was on point. I am so happy with how their photos turned out, clearly, since I'm posting A LOT more than I normally do for a blog post.

Their reception was amazing. I sat with the BEST family who brought their own hot sauce with them and the food served was pulled pork sandwiches. They also had hot dogs for the kids which were VERY tempting, let me tell you. Good food at a wedding is the best.

The speeches given at the wedding just reinforced truly how wonderful these two women are and how perfect they are for each other. The unconditional love and acceptence from their parents and siblings. Sarah's sister making me cry talking about how much she looked up to her big sister (I feel the exact same about my own sister - all the emotions.) I could just keep going talking about this wedding. But I think it's safe to say the day was a success. I am SO happy for these girls and for the country we live in that accepts their love fully, as it should.

Second shooter: Emily Miner

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