Christine + Brad's Fall Engagement Session

I met this beautiful couple at a coffee shop last spring when they booked me for their wedding in 2019. They met me with their adorable baby and I instantly fell for the both of them. They are so genuinely kind and also strinkingly photogenic so that is a win win.

We had initially planned to do their photos a couple week before this but when we got to the park the wind was insane so we rescheduled and thank goodness we did! The day we rescheduled to was the perfect fall day. Christine + Brad left Olivia with a sitter and escaped for some pictures and a date night to follow. It was perfect. We did the shoot at Pearce Estate Park and walked a little ways to take some photos behind an old mechanics shop. I am so thankful for couple who are down to go off the beaten path to get the perfect shot. We hiked huge hills, climbed on top of logs and walked a couple blocks to find the perfect background for the shoot.

I can not wait for their wedding at the Lakehouse this summer. These two claimed they were awkward and unphotogenic. I just laughed to myself the whole session at how utterly wrong they were. Complete naturals!

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