Boudoir Marathon - October 2018

Every time I do a boudoir session, I remember why it is that I love it so much. I love watching these women feel incredible about themselves, palpably seeing them relax and get "into it" if that makes sense? It's always a little bit awkward your first time, for maybe the first ten minutes, but by the end I swear you will feel like you should probably quit your day job and take up lingerie modeling.

It's so much fun incorporating each girls personality into the shoot. Some of my favorite shots are those moments when they break scene (when I have told them to give me their best sultry bedroom eyes) and they are just laughing at how silly and wonderful they feel.

I have had so many women tell me that they are interested in a session but first want to get to a better place (body wise). But to be completely honest, if there is a way to make yourself feel good, it is taking naked pictures. Saying screw it and embracing each curve in your body.

This marathon was a blast - I shot women of all sizes and body shapes. Two women who have lost a lot of weight and are struggling with loose skin, one woman had a baby just three months before the shoot, another is on a weight loss journey, and another is fully embracing her beautiful body at the shape she is. Most of these women are mothers, which as a mom myself, I am in love with. Stretch marks, cellulite, soft skin and arms that hold our sweet babies; underneath all of that, we are still WOMEN. Women who want to and deserve to feel sexy and good about our bodies at every stage.

I could honestly go on and on but I'll spare you the reading.

So here are a few more details about my incredible partners in the marathon. The companies who collaborated with me to make these women feel beautiful are unreal and deserve ALL the shout outs.

Foxtail Floral Designs provided us with two flowers crowns (and some bonus rose petals). These crowns honestly made the entire shoot and I could see the girls visible excitement when they put them on their heads and felt as if they had been transformed into some kind of fairy princess.

Rinse and Repeat Candles also provided us with some seriously beautiful candles that not only made the room smell unreal, but provided the cozy ambiance I was looking for. Paige gets all of her containers from thrift stores and makes THE coolest, most unique candles ever. Seriously, go check them out. They would make an awesome Christmas gift too *hint hint*.

Pretty Sweet Co. made the most amazing custom booby cookies with not a ton of notice and as always the tastiest macarons (that I definitely ate way more of than my clients did). Their work is unreal, they are so easy to work with and are definitely my go to for future events.

Last, but certainly not least, is my beautiful friend and partner in crime, Kristen Andruckow who did the hair and makeup. She is an esthetician genius and was also maybe the most fun person to have spent the weekend with so that was amazing. Thank you again goddess for all of your help and for making my girls feel beautiful inside and out.

Also, a big thank you to the International Hotel + Spa for not kicking us out even though I had girls coming up to the room every hour on the hour and could have DEFINITELY been doing some shady stuff. Hah!

I couldn't have asked for a better marathon with a better team shooting better ladies! Thank you so much to everyone and I can not WAIT for the next one.

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