2018 Recap

This year was one for the books. And I know that I have said that every year in the past , and I will probably continue to say that every year going forward, but wow. I am blown away. This year I had some of the best clients, words of encouragement, and confidence in myself. My style is continually developing but finally reflecting what I hope to someday achieve. It's been a year of learning for sure. Learning how to run a business, how to be there fully for each and every one of my clients, how to do different things in the editing process that I never new before. And a massive learning curve this year, my third full time year as a photographer, was navigating my way through the murky waters of social media.

As a photographer it is our best friend and our greatest foe. It is incredibly challenging not to see other photographers and compare yourself to them - to the weddings they are shooting, their style, their clients, their MASSIVE Instagram following . . . but I also feel strongly that it would be so limiting to NOT follow these other incredibly talented people solely because of my own insecurities. I think the only way to get better is to push yourself always. To try and do better each and every shoot.

I still do and always will shoot all different types of sessions. From newborn to family to corporate to weddings, I love pushing my boundaries and never letting myself be limited by my own idea or preference. This year I partnered with a few companies and I began shooting boudoir for the first time. Both of these things helped me grow not only as a photographer but also as a person. The partnerships I have had have been with some of the most wholesome, beautiful souls who have a passion for people and it is evident in their staff who work for them and LOVE it.

As for boudoir, I honestly don't even know where to begin. I was so nervous and hesitant to get into it, but after seeing a couple of other boss babes out of Calgary shooting boudoir and absolutely KILLING IT (@seleniateresaboudoir and @rianalisbethintimates) I decided to give it a shot. I organized a styled shoot with four of my best girl friends and took over my one girl friends' homes for an afternoon and fell in LOVE with boudoir photography.

But then I thought, hey, it's a controlled environment, these are all my friends, maybe it's going to be different with strangers. But wow, somehow, it was even better. Meeting these women, breaking through that awkwardness and unleashing this confidence in them . . . Every single woman I shot this year was stunning. And their bodies were all different, and their reasons for shooting were all different, but every single time it was nothing but an empowering experience on both ends. It's honestly incredible being behind the camera and seeing them feel so beautiful and sexy and bad ass and all things magical that come along with boudoir.

I have had so many highlights from this year and picking my favourite photos has been a nearly impossible task, but here they are. A fraction. The gratitude I have to each and every one of you is beyond any combination of words I can come up with. I am SO excited to see what this next year brings.

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