K+A's Engagement Session

She may not have been in the title but Kass + Alex's daughter Shay (my new bestie) was really the star of the show at this engagement session. We spent the hour exploring Nose Hill Park and finding "genie" flowers. She was SO good and let mom and dad take some photos all by themselves too.

I LOVE shooting weddings for couples with kids. There is something about it that makes the whole thing so much more special. Not that they weren't a real family before, but seeing them coming together after the things life has thrown at them - it's amazing to be a part of. It's not easy raising small kids, but if you're lucky and if you work at it, it can bond you even stronger than ever before, and that is 100% the case with K+A.

I honestly can't wait to shoot their wedding this summer, especially with my little partner in crime Shay by my side.

The day we shot could not have been any better. We got that soft winter light right at golden hour and the hill was honestly pretty quiet for what a beautiful day it was. I'm not joking, it was January 26th and I shot the whole session in a tshirt. And this weekend it is going to be -27. Oh Calgary...

Here are some of my very favourites from the shoot. There are so many simply because I really could not narrow it down. The love that Kass + Alex have for one another is so obvious. They are such a fun, easy going relaxed couple who so very palpably love the crap out of miss Shay. Also they are big Star Wars fans too, so essentially we are client/photographer soul mates.

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