Self Doubt

So since my business has started gaining steam I have struggled with self doubt. Comparing myself to other photographers. Whether it is my work itself, what looks like effortless posing from other photographers, likes and follows on Instagram and Facebook... it's impossible not to. And sometimes, self doubt can be good. Sometimes it can push you to work harder, to strive for greatness, but sometimes, actually probably most times, it is so detrimental. Whether in business or just in personal life, I know we all do it, but we need to get our heads on straight and also realize that we all move through life at a different pace - that the amount of money we bring in matters so much less than the relationships we make while we do it all.

I have made so many friendships and connections over these past four years doing photography. It's so easy to forget where I started; when I was just taking pictures for friends and their babies for $30. When I booked my first wedding and had absolutely no idea what I was doing... I have been witness to so much love and kindness, been there on some of the most special days in peoples lives and captured it all for them.

I have been struggling lately with feeling like my business is plateauing. I've reached a point where word of mouth will only go so far and I need to explore other methods of advertisement and investing into myself and my business in order to grow, and I think that's a very normal progression of owning a business. I am left feeling thankful for all of my friends and family who have always supported me and for the kindness and trust from complete strangers who often times only meet me twice before their wedding day.

So, anyway. Here is a post just to get these thoughts out. For any other photographers going through something similar - keep pushing. For any of my past or future clients, hi, I love you and owe everything I am now to you.

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