The Twins

Tasha + Chad were one of my couples from 2018 so when I saw they were pregnant I got super excited. That excitement quickly turned to worry when I heard that they were having the craziest roller coaster of a pregnancy. These two boys were born at just 28 weeks old gestastion.

T+C didn't even know they were having twins until their 20 week ultrasound to find out the gender. And in the same ultrasound they knew that something was very wrong and at 22 weeks they were in Toronto having an emergency surgery on Tasha's placenta to save the boys.

These two sweet babes spent 119 days in the NICU and yesterday they turned 200 days old!

Born at 1lb 10oz and 1lb 14oz, they are little fighting miracles to say the least. It was such an honour to be able to capture these photos for their parents.

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