Britt + Ben - 07.06.2019

Britt and Ben should probably look familiar by now for those who follow my work. We have done multiple shoots together and I couldn't be happier because DAMN! They are not only two of the most photogenic humans, they are also wonderful people who are so incredibly fun and perfect for each other.

Shooting their wedding day in Canmore was no less magical than the rest. I started the day with Britt as she was getting ready. B and her bridesmaids were already in full swing when I got there, drinking mimosas and wearing matching pajamas. Britt opened a gift from Ben after her hair and makeup were finished and then I quickly zipped over to where Ben was getting ready with the groomsmen to snap a couple shots of them.

The weather forecast for this day was not great to say the least. But if you've ever shot with me I have probably mentioned my utter love for overcast skies. That being said, a torrential downpour isn't ideal for an outdoor ceremony . . . which is exactly what unleashed from the sky on our way to the ceremony. And then somehow, as if by some miracle, the clouds broke and the most magical soft light broke through the stormy clouds and the day ended up beautiful!

The ceremony went ahead as planned outside and then we took some family photos before heading to the golf course attached to their venue to take some of their bridal party/individual photos. This bridal party was HERE for the party to say the least. It was so much fun.

The reception venue was stunning. The hole in the ceiling with a fire in the middle made for such a stunning backdrop to their photos. The speeches were wonderful which truly wasn't a huge surprise because these two are the best, so it makes sense that their people would be too.

Before the first dance after the speeches we dipped outside for ten minutes to take some golden hour photos on the dock. I love doing this with my couples. The light is perfect and it also shows a different side of the two of them, maybe a bit more relaxed and totally settled with the fact that they are now a married couple. I strongly recommend it to everyone as these always end up being some of my favorite photos.

I had such a blast shooting this wedding. Thank you so much Britt + Ben for trusting me with your day.