Shawna + Dave - 08.05.19

Shawna and Dave's wedding was one of the most unique weddings I shot this season. They wanted to keep it small and intimate and absolutely true to who they are. The entire wedding was held at a rented mansion in Bears Paw just outside of the city. We started the morning getting ready, did a first look in the trees on the property and headed out for the photo shoot before their ceremony.

We did their bridal session at Big Hill Springs. It was the perfect summer day (and aside from the mosquitoes which Shawna is allergic to), we couldn't have gotten more lucky with the weather. The sun fell beautifully through the trees and although the park was very busy on such a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, we were able to find little escapes away from the crowds and take a moment with just the two of them. Well, and me of course. Forever third wheeling.

After our photo session we headed back to the estate for their ceremony. There was some of the most beautiful live music and just a few rows of chairs for their guests. The entire wedding only consisted of their family which somehow made it all feel so much more special.

The reception was held at long tables set up inside of the house. Big T's BBQ catered the event as well as treats from Pretty Sweet.

I left after this wedding feeling so completely at peace and happy with the world, the sun slowly beginning to set. Recalling this wedding seems effortless, it was that unique and stands out in my memory so much.

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