Christine + Brad - 08.17.19

This wedding was unbelievable. These two have a sweet little girl together and have built a life together for years, so when they finally decided to make it "official", they wanted to do it right. And they did! They were married at The Lakehouse. If you've never been to this beautiful venue, you need to go. The decor, the surrounding windows, the stone arch, the lake and most importantly, the food. Wow, just wow. They had a small chinese tea ceremony and a really cool performance of the dancing lions that really set their wedding apart.

These two are some of the most beautiful photogenic people that I have shot with, but they are also incredible kind and genuine. It wasn't hard to see why when I met their families and saw where they came from. Brad's parents specifically stand out in my mind. I come from a divorced home, where my parents had an incredibly amicable relationship. Not only were they amicable, but they were good friends. We would share family dinners, holidays, it was never a big deal, but that wasn't always the case with divorced families and I knew that. But this family, somehow, trumped the easy time I had growing up. His parents, also divorced, were re-married. But not only were they re-married, but they were friends, no, best friends with each other. I've never seen anything like it. The incredible support they had for one another and most of all Brad and his family was jaw dropping.

Working in my industry, especially at weddings, I see a lot of family drama. Because let's be honest, we all have it and weddings certainly bring out a little drama in everyone. But this was such a beautiful change of pace.

Now on to Brad + Christine. Their love is beautiful. I've never seen more real acts of chivalry than on their wedding day. Where Brad would carry her shoes for her through the grass, and then get down on his knees and put them back on for her, all without being asked. Christine not for one minute taking this love for granted. The way they looked at each other. Just wow.

Anyway! Here are some of my favorite photos documenting their day and their beautiful life they are building together.

Vendor List

Photography - Fiddle + Drum Photography

Second Shooter - Rose and Range Photography

Dress - Novia Mia Bridal

Suit - Indochino

Makeup - Bellamore Beauty

Florals - Serendipity Florals

Venue - The Lake House

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