Bowden Sunflower Maze Portrait Session

Carleen and I are friends from High School. My high school experience was a little bit different than you average because I was in the Arts Centered Learning Program (surprise, surprise). We had the same classmates in every single one of our core classes from Grade 10-Grade 12. Because of this, I feel like the friendships that grew and came from my high school experience were in some ways a lot deeper. Carleen was one of those friends and it was a privilege to reconnect with one another when she did a commissioned art piece for me (you may remember that hand painted denim jacket from my Carnival Styled Shoot), that was Carleen so we traded for a photo shoot and when she suggest we do it was the Sun Maze, I was ECSTATIC. We drove out together and had the best time during her session. Shoots like this seriously feed my creative spirit so much. So thankful for her and for trying new things!

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