Chrissy + Lance - 07.23.20

This wedding was so perfectly made for these two. They travelled all the way from Grand Prairie to Canmore for their dream wedding in the mountains. We "hiked" into the ceremony location. I say "hike" because it was not much of a hike, but enough off the beaten path that it felt like we were truly separated from the rest of the world.

It was POURING rain. I don't mean a little drizzle, it was honestly pouring buckets of rain down and it didn't seem to bother these two at all. They embraced it and let it roll off their backs. And then suddenly in the middle of their ceremony, the sun broke through the clouds and cascaded over them. It was incredible to see.

These two are adventure seekers. They spend most of their spare time hiking or doing some sort of activity outdoors, so it made so much sense for them to be married where they were. Again, as COVID seems to have made happen for every single wedding this summer, they were surrounded only by those closest to them. The gathering limit was 50 at the time and they had about 40 people there with them.

We took their photos and both of them changed into hiking boots, naturally.

It was such a beautiful day and I am so excited I got to be a part of it with them to help capture it. Seriously, there was a moment when we came out of the trees into the open field and the mist that surrounded the mountains and the sun that came beaming through it . . . I still remember it clearly. Congratulations again to C+L. Here's to so many more adventures.

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