Rebekah + Liam - 06.04.2020

Well hello! This was my first wedding I shot post COVID and post partum . . . This wedding is pretty special to me as the bride is my sister in law and I helped plan the wedding with Rebekah and my mother in law from start to finish. To be honest, Bekah is the most relaxed bride who ever lived and just let her mom Jen and I do most of it. She gave us her input and ideas and we rolled with it. When we started planning, it was before COVID happened. We had so many ideas and plans. And then, you know, the world closed down. Gatherings were limited to 15 people, which was actually more people than is in Rebekah + Liam's immediate family alone.

So plans changed. We decided to have the wedding later on in the summer hoping for more leniency. And then, by some Devine intervention, the limit was lifted to 25 people and we decided to heck with it! We can manage that. Bekah, though happy they were able to go forward, was devastated. She wanted so many people to be there who just couldn't, but she and Liam knew they wanted to get married, the sooner the better, and so we went ahead with the planning. Suddenly our budget we were working with was so doable because we had so few people coming to the wedding. We planned to have a long dinner table outside on the acreage that Rebekah's parents live on. We were going to string lights through the trees and have a charcuterie board span the entire table.

We found a florist who we LOVED and then we got to work on finding the dress. Which was a feat!

It is hard enough finding THE dress, let alone in the middle of a pandemic. The only place we could look was online and used through Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace. And even then it had to be the perfect fit because good luck finding a tailor who was open . . . even dresses selling used it was a challenge to work around trying things on while remaining safe. Man, writing this all it seems crazy to look back on. Everything was shut down. Even trying to plan for decorations was a challenge. We couldn't go thrifting, or even shopping new if we wanted to. Borrowing and Amazon were the only option. Well that and the grocery store . . . Lucky for us we were able to get so much from Rebekah's auntie who had helped plan her own daughters' wedding the year before. And then, things started opening, with restrictions, but we weren't picky!

Rebekah was able to try on a few dresses from Durand Bridal who was amazing to work with. They did a Zoom meeting with Bekah to get a sense of what sort of dress she was looking for and then when she picked a few over Zoom, they were able to bring them home to try on. They were stunning. But we had also gathered a couple options on our end. One of my good friend's was selling her old dress and Bekah LOVED that dress too. BUT she wanted to be sure. She wanted to try the other ones on before making a decision, since my friend's old dress wasn't the style Bekah had imagined herself in. But, as always happens, sometimes the dress we picture on ourselves and the one we actually fall head over heels for ends up being totally different. Kind of like finding a life partner.. haha.

She ended up deciding to go with my friend's old dress and got it altered (luckily we found an amazing tailor to work with) to fit her perfectly and added the sleeves on. Once the dress was out of the way, we were able to relax. We found that, what seemed to be the most important thing to Bekah, and we were able to carry on with the decorating. Then suddenly, the limit increased from 25 to 50 people. Yay! But also, Uh Oh. The wedding we had been planning for 25 people all of a sudden had to be doubled in size, yet not in budget. Cue a nervous stress laugh. It's fine. We were fine. Jen and I took it on as a challenge, and SOMEHOW, we made it work. And it turned out BEAUTIFUL.

We had so much fun planning this wedding, and honestly, we are still sad that it's over. It turned out even more beautiful than we imagined. I was basically able to style a wedding from start to finish which was so much fun. We wanted it to be true to Liam and Bekah. A little outdoorsy, fancy but comfortable. The party was a blast, especially amidst the pandemic. Being able to surround ourselves with those closest to us (seriously, most of these people were family), it all just felt really perfect.

We got ready in the morning, R+L had a first look, we went out and did the photos, came back for a beautiful ceremony officiated by Rebekah's Uncle Wayne and followed that with the reception. We were able to do our long tables and charcuterie boards. A family friend made a beautiful cake for them as a gift. Riley, Liam's cousin and best friend surprised them with fireworks to end the night. It was all so so amazing.

Anyway! Here are some of my favorite shots from the day. As I was in the wedding party, my assistant Caitlin from Rose and Rose Photography shot the ceremony and most of the bridal shoot and I shot the rest. We worked with Pretty Petals Floral Design on the flowers and seriously, I can't thank her enough. For dealing with our ever changing and ever growing requests, picking out EXACTLY what we were looking for, bringing to life our dream that we didn't even know was possible. She is amazing and I recommend her to all of my clients. And lastly, Candice from Eyecandi Beauty did Rebekah's makeup and she was so happy with the result. Candice is the sweetest and we have worked together so many times. I love her and photographing her work, so if you are looking for hair and makeup at all, she's your girl.

Now, without further ado, Bekah + Liam's wedding. And if you've made it this far, you go Glen Coco.