Not just a photographer

I'll guide you through the entire process

Most of my clients have never been married before - and having worked over 100 weddings, I have some helpful tips and tricks to make your day go as smooth as possible. From wedding coordinator to crisis councillor, to problem solver to hair stylist to boutineer pinner, I can, have and will continue to help with it all.

What most couples don't know is that your wedding can look any way you want it to. My best advice is forget everything you think a wedding is supposed to look like, and wing it.

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You want to get ready together? Do it. You want to hike to the top of a mountain? Do it. You want to rent out a campground and get married around a bonfire? Do it. You want to have a cake made entirely of cheese wheels? Do it.

Get creative. Have fun.

This day is for and all about YOU.